Straight Line to Money

“Is there a straight line to the money?”

That’s the question I asked myself.

I play chess a lot. There are two styles I play:

One is slow and methodical.

The second: I just go in a straight line for the checkmate – it’s aggressive.

The ‘straight line’ allows me to play more games in a shorter period of time. And because I play like that more often than not, I get better and better at it.

The straight line strategy is also a bit riskier, but it often works though because I am extremely focused. And because it’s riskier I’ve had to developed strategies that support that approach.

If I take the slow, methodical approach I’m often distracted, less focused and let my defenses down.

The same is true in business. The faster you move, the more focused you’re forced to be.

Being slow and methodical in business will lead to distractions, failures and lost momentum.

You can avoid that by understanding that relationships are the reason businesses exist and that going straight to the money is the only honest way to do business.

Let me explain.

They know you’re selling something. You know you’re selling something.

If you don’t make an offer what are you doing? Are you trying to hide the fact?

Respect people who subscribe to your list and tell them the truth: “hey I got this thing for sale. Here’s my offer.”


Don’t be afraid to make offers, lots of offers. As long as you’re not condescending, insulting them or boring – make the offer!

Your subscribers or clients buy stuff all the time. Respect the fact that they do.

Just make sure in every email or postcard or letter or online ad you give them one of more REASONS to buy whatever you’re selling.

I see many marketers who list benefits or try to explain why their product is better, or what features the product has as if the consumer could easily connect the dots between those features and benefits and the reason they should buy.

But buyers do not do that.

They do not give your product any thought, at all. You must make that connection for them, and make it dead simple.

I like simple. ‘Simple’ as my secret weapon. It’s the lowest common denominator in your business and it gets the biggest bump in sales.

So next time you’re trying to figure out a way to make more sales from your list, make the reasons they should buy simple enough that anyone would understand.

Let me give you an example that I just totally made up:

PRODUCT TYPE: A new Keto Diet Plan w/ monthly box of food subscription

MOST COMMON BENEFIT/FEATURE COPY USED: “We select foods that are good for you, make you feel great and will help you lose weight naturally”

REAL PROBLEM: Most keto diet plans leave people hungry and so they break it and go back to eating unhealthy snacks to fill up.

REASON WHY COPY: “Our new ‘Fill Me Up Keto’ diet plan will never leave you unsatisfied or scrounging the cupboards at midnight for an unhealthy snack. You can finally break the ‘bad snack hunger cycle’, eat well and be healthy and still lose the weight you want.”

You see how the REAL REASON speaks directly to the big problem that most keto dieter’s face: Shame over breaking their diet because they are not feeling full and satisfied. So they get up in the middle of the night looking for a snack because they are still hungry.

So make your ‘reason why’ in terms people understand – and do it in the very first touch – whether that’s after they opt-in to your email list or Facebook group or whatever list you’re building.