Re-Engagement Case Study: 10x Average Monthly Revenue In Less Than 30 Days

A small online publisher approached us with the following challenge: Their email list declined from 1,300 a year ago to as little as 878 subscribers at the end of July. Total revenue for 2021 was $16,788. AGR/M (average gross revenue per month) was just $2,380. They asked us to review and recommend a strategy to re-engage their audience and help boost revenue.

Even more concerning, their previous month revenue as $0 (after one refund):

We reviewed their products, website, industry and offerings and made a recommendation based on what we know works.

Based on our recommendation an offer was created and a series of emails were written to re-engage their audience.

The result? Strong re-engagement and a 10x boost over AGR in just 30 days:

An on-going re-engagement campaign has already started and has already led to sales of their other products and services. They’ve also received positive feedback during the campaign in line with our re-engagement approach.

Contact me if you’d like to see revenue growth and/or if a re-engagement campaign fits your current business objectives. Call or text me at 617-431-6758.