Shortcut to Being More Creative

For most of us, coming up with creative ideas is a painstaking and lengthy process.

But I found a shortcut to being more creative.

The ability to think in practical but creative and original ways is available to everyone.

A friend and local business owner once told me, “Originality is simply having a pair of fresh eyes.”

I thought about that and discovered that if you look at something long enough it becomes ‘new’ again. It’s as if you never really saw it before.

If you can, pick it up, examine it from different angles. Stare at it until it becomes strange, and new.

You’ve probably experienced this with words before. You stare at a word long enough and you’ll ask yourself, “Is that how its spelled?” and you have to look it up because it looks strange.

We can nurture the habit of looking at the same old things in new ways- as though we have never seen them before.

Here’s another way to “get a pair of fresh eyes” and look at your world as if it was brand new:

Ask Customers for Their Ideas

In emails to my customers I ask them for their opinion on projects I’m contemplating.

What an eye opener it is! You and I tend to look at things the way we always have…but ask a stranger what they think. They will often come up with a different idea based and you’ll see what you’ve been missing.

If you’re trying to come up with some creative ideas send a question to your list and ask them for their input. For responding, you could offer them a discount on the product that is finally chosen for development.

This works for products you’re developing yourself or for clients projects.